The Law

<Updated and resposted from 2012–jrs>

Clearly, this blog has fallen off of my radar. I did manage to finish a novel and am deep into getting ready for marketing and selling it (see the sidebar on But I am nothing, if not stubborn.

I lost both of my parents in 2012. Well, they’re not really lost. I know exactly where they are. They are together. My dad died on May 4 and my mom followed on June 28. They were married for seventy-two years. That’s a heck of an accomplishment. There are probably lots of things I could say about our family dynamics and what they meant to me, but I think I’ll stop right here. That stuff will percolate for the rest of my life and might, or might not, exteriorize as I manipulate a keyboard or a ballpoint chisel to express myself. I’m pretty sure it’s already shown itself in the air around my guitar. I’m thinking of the metaphor in Mark Knopfler’s Heavy Fuel.

We boomers are at the stage in life when this kind of thing is inevitable. Parents pass and gallstones do too. So do friends, gasses, and friend’s gasses. Passing is what we all do, eventually, even planets. But energy is indestructible. What energy does, ultimately, is change from one form to another. It’s not just a good idea, it’s The Law. We can derive from that whatever comfort we can. The energy in my mother’s eyes when we shared a laugh and, when I’d ask him if he wanted anything, in my father’s voice when he said “a smile.” That energy is still around. It is part of something, most assuredly me, and who knows? Maybe it’s in the wiggle of a new puppy or the lusty cry of a healthy newborn or in the eyes and hearts of a people who are staring down an oppressor. It’s somewhere. That’s not just a good idea, it’s The Law.

One thought on “The Law

  1. Stew
    Knowing ur folks as a young teen I know how lucky each of you were to have each other
    Ur moms class and peaceful understanding as Thor developed and artisan musician emerged -sharing blessings and harmonies in a pool of peace
    Despite your fierce headstrong competitive windstorms as Chet would , as u say smile n nod
    U grace all those with whom u share ur soul as intro or extrovert -a gift of hearing ur voice

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