Embracing Curmudgeonity

Yeah, I know “curmudgeonity” isn’t a word, but I’m tired of pretending I know what I’m doing, I’m put off by watching myself acquiesce, again, to something that might or might not be logic, and I’m downright sick and tired of people mouthing off about their political opinions. I don’t care how conservative or liberal you are. Shut the pie hole! Or do yourself a favor and put pie in it.
It seems obvious even to somebody as oblivious as myself that I am developing some serious curmudgeon chops. Most of my reaction to the abrasive social discourse so prevalent everywhere today comes from a lack of kindness in the world. I see the word “civility” bandied about so much, nobody is “civil” anymore, what happened to arguing in a “civil” manner, all manner of what happened to “civility” questions. But I think a more accurate portrayal of what’s happened to our social intercourse is lit by thinking of it in terms of kindness. The world has become a place where kindness is perceived as a weakness.
You can have that nonsense. The world I personally live in has kindness as the foundation. Until I see that return to the world I perceive out beyond my own, I will remain a curmudgeon, and utilize my burgeoning standoffishness as an armor against the people who think kindness is naïve and weak.
My view of public policy from all sides is something akin to the allegory of “let’s launch a rubber raft, go out into the middle of an ocean somewhere, give everybody a knife, and start a fight.” Now, I’m not even the smartest guy in the room when I’m by myself, but political leaders today aren’t leading, they’re enriching themselves at the expense of others. Wait. Is that capitalism? Well, yeah. But capitalism without kindness and the acknowledgement of a common good is a sure path to chaos and violence.
Without kindness as a fundamental force in any engineered economy we are doomed as a culture and maybe even a species. We need to wake up and pay heed to the curmudgeons who are fast displacing themselves from the body of society for reasons of disgust and self-preservation. They are taking their kindness with them.

3 thoughts on “Embracing Curmudgeonity

  1. Hope reigns eternal in the heats of mankind@ humanity.com
    Only capitalists in step, in count, squelch all living things

  2. I do think there is entirely too much freedom of expression these days! LOL! People feel they can say anything they want about anyone and at any time, and don’t fear any repercussions. I agree with you that we all need to take a step back and perhaps keep our opinions to ourselves. That, and I like the idea of pie!

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